NieuweFuzie Programme



NieuweFuzie Programme

On entering the factory building you will walk through an art and film installation – the NieuweFuzie Programme – inspired by Fuerza Bruta and by the industrial atmosphere of the location. You will enter a new world, transformed by young and emerging artists. The gateway to the world of Fuerza Bruta.


 Doors open an hour before the first show, and remain open until late after the second show. Between performances and after the late night second show, your energy levels will be refuelled by local bands in a programme specially curated for this event by Podium Asteriks. 2 live bands between shows, and yet more live music until late in the night.

This is a treat for the family. Or bring your friends, your colleagues, your theatre, dance and club buddies. A Christmas outing like no other. A memory for life… that’s a promise.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Be prepared for Fuerza Bruta!

NieuweFuzie Programma is specially programmed by local art initiative VHDG, film platform New Noardic Wave and Podium Asteriks

This event is made possible thanks to VanPlan, Leeuwarder Courant, De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen, Haaima Peugeot, Mannen van Staal and LF2028.

This performance is suitable for anyone from 8 to 108. Arrangements for those with disabilities will be announced shortly. The performance contains very loud music and flashing lights.

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