Party time at Las Vegas!



“This is a show for a young crowd, those who don’t have a show, that anyone can enjoy,” James says. “If you are a young guy and girl coming to party, this is the show you want to see.”

Just like the “Fuerza Bruta” tent, Las Vegas ushered the show Fuerza Bruta. Which  is  “strong, elusive, where people don’t know where they are.”  This immersive experience is the Strip’s newest over-the-top spectacular – and worldwide phenomenon that you must have at least once in your life.


The production is malleable, complex, in the round and all over the place. Don’t try sitting — there are no seats — and be ready to participate. Though decidedly edgy — at least judging from the Opening— the show is all-ages, and the club crowd should like it. 

Discover Fuerza Bruta, Las Vegas!



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