International sensation Fuerza Bruta is a dynamic and immersive theatrical production performed in a state-of-the-art tent. An interactive theatre experience unlike any other, Fuerza Bruta delights the senses through music, emotion and kinetic aerial imagery. With mind-blowing visual effects, Fuerza Bruta breaks free of the confines of spoken language and theatrical convention to transport audiences to a parallel reality where emotion takes over. At every show, Fuerza Bruta guests are ushered onto the main stage, where they are engulfed in a 360-degree spectacle with performers demonstrating spectacular feats just inches away from them. From gorgeous women twisting ethereally in a Lucite pool above the audience to performers suspended midair surrounded by a vast sea of Mylar, creative genius Dique James’s original scenes and customized staging have to be seen to be believed.


Launched in Buenos Aires in 2003 by Creator and Artistic Director Diqui James and Musical Director and Composer Gaby Kerpel, Fuerza Bruta quickly took the world by storm, performing for more than six million spectators in more than 34 countries and 58 cities since its inception.


Fun Facts

✦ FUERZA BRUTA launched in Buenos Aires in 2003 and has since performed for more than six million spectators in more than 34 countries and 58 cities.

✦ A successful off-Broadway production, FUERZA BRUTA was seen by more than 900,000 people during its nine-year New York City run.

✦ Celebrity guests have included Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, Madonna, Jimmy Page and Kanye West.

Usher at fuerza bruta Usher at Fuerza Bruta

Andy summers at Fuerza Bruta Andy Summers at Fuerza Bruta

Paul Oakenfeld at Fuerza Bruta Paul Oakenfold at Fuerza Bruta


A 360-Degree Spectacle



Venue Info

Walking Directions


Walk into the hotel and walk straight into the casino. When you come to the lobby, take a right to visit the Royal Tower. The tent is located outside the hotel entrance/exit past the Uber/ Rideshare area.



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